"Shaam E Sarhad - the name means "Sunset on the Border". the village resort that has been hand-crafted by the local community to replicate the vernacular traditions of architecture and design. All living spaces are designed to showcase locate talent and are decorated handicrafts. The stay is designed to be comfortable.

The local community staffs are manages the resort to the last detail. Indulge in the rare pleasure of staying in Bhungas, tents, and Family Cottages crafted with indigenous resources.

The experience reaches in the evenings when the romance of the rural area unfolds along with the Kutchi folk music rendered in reedy voices and the aromas of a delectable cuisine ignite the senses. "


The circular mud hut with conical roofs made of grass thatch is an indigenous invention that tackles the extreme climate. The Bhungas keep cool during the hot Kutchi summers and warm in the cold desert winters.

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Family Cottages

Village house with grass thatched roofs are designed for quadruple family group,simple accommodations with a King size bed and two twin beds and attached bathroom.  

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Ecofriendly Tents

Tents are designed with mud adobe bricks, have mud beds, mud sofas and private bathroom with western-style toilet. Local handicrafts upholsteries are giving colorful welcome.

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